Friend Couple Bought Delicious Steamed Crab Dinner @ Hua Yu Yee on 25Oct2020

steamed sri lankan crabs 2x1kg
风沙鸡special roast chicken
steamed sri lankan crabs 2x1kg

our close friend couple bought 4pax dinner @ hua yu yee on 25.10.2020. ^^

have not been here for a good 15+yrs.

food was good still & always good.

tofu smooth & light, tasty too.

风沙鸡roast chicken a specialty here..quite nice

flavourful drunken prawns competent. plump, fresh prawns & tasty soup.

steamed crab the best dish sweet & enjoyable.

hor fun good wok hae.

I prefer the broad horfun though to this kuay tiao.

very enjoyable evening and delicious food thanks to our good friends celebrating our birthdays.

c.h.e.f andy


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