Very Shiok! Home Yakiniku on 19Oct2020

lamb chops

had 5pax yakinkiu with OPS bros + LKY on 19.10.2020.^^

my S$44 toyomi grill first use after buying in jun2018! lol!

very good..heat up smoke as tray of water below..perfect kind of grill..

the lamb was best! very tasty & tender & flavourful..

special price S$39/kg at cold storage…i think usually S$55/kg

grassfed ribeye was tender when done in yakiniku strips no much marbling S$29/kgfrom QB food

belly pork i always like

kurobuta nice not that special S$6.90 for 150g…

the sauces were good – both the lime sea salt & the yakiniku sauce – just like aburiya

the king oyster mushrooms & cabbage very good surprisingly no different from aburiya.

i also made sushi rice…very good..1 cup=2 bowls for 5pax…finished all…went very well with the grilled meats…

& 2 small dishes – pumpkin and shitake mushrooms…

jessie made nice dessert, LKY brought jackfruit & papaya & WT brought cake.

this like 20% cost c/w aburiya.

c.h.e.f andy


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