Son’s Latte Art on 13Oct2020

son’s latte art
son’s latte art
son’s latte art

son made barista standard latte art beautifully smooth coffee on 13.10.2020 👍👍👍

the key to latte art is in the milk.

there are “intricate steps” to produce microfoam. son was explaining to me. to froth the milk at the top to produce foam and by the side of the milk pitcher to create circulation, until no big bubbles (ie smooth microfoam), then immerse frother to heat up milk.

didn’t sound too difficult but i have not tried my hands thus far, the benefits of not learning so being that got son to make coffee for me. lol! 🙂

it makes a huge difference to the cup of coffee…the microfoam blended completely to produce a silky smooth wonderful cup of coffee…the latte art is a bonus. son has not yet consistently produced the above latte art but for me the reward is in the wonderful cup of coffee, latte art or not.

not sure i fancy the trouble, or just happily resort to my nespresso and enjoy the occasional cup made by son.

c.h.e.f andy


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