Delivered Homecooked Teochew Dishes for My Brother’s Family Dinner on 15Oct2020

teochew taujeon steamed chicken
teochew steamed halibut
white beehoon

deliver homecooked dinner ro brother’s family on 15.10.2020.^^

  1. teochew taujeon steamed chicken
  2. teochew steamed halibut
  3. white beehoon 白米粉

SIL said thanks for good dinner.

bro said nephew 喜欢白米粉和豆酱蒸鸡.

nice simple dinner for my brother’s family.

c.h.e.f andy


Japanese Home Gourmet 6pax RI Bros Dinner on 14Oct2020

make 6pax RI bros – with Siak & HABJapanese theme dinner 😀


  1. tamago (jap egg roll)
  2. miso glazed grilled eggplant
  3. kabocha no nimono (simmered pumpkin)
  4. chicken teriyaki
  5. miso teriyaki salmon belly
  6. pork softbones nikujaga with daikon
  7. ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)
  8. dobinmushi (teapot soup)
  9. shabu beef shortplate yakiniku & chashu donburi

Thanks SCG for sake, HAB for ice cream & sipeh handsome for fruits & YF for pandan kaya

&all for a truly wonderful evening & time together 🙏😀

c.h.e.f andy

Good Char Kuay Teow @ Apollo Marine Parade on 14Oct2020

S$7 apollo ckt add egg add cockles
S$7 apollo ckt add egg add cockles

RI bros bought excellent apollo char kuay teow on 14.10.2020. ^^

added cockles add egg.

it was slightly salty, also commented by KH.

I usually low carbs/no carbs. this i enjoyed and finished everything today.

i think hai kee at telok blangah crescent still the best for me.

SCG had the four seasons chendol. it looked really good and he said so too. i didn’t take as the ckt already too much.

i was also interested in the kueh chap stall. will try that if i come again and not taking ckt.

P.S. though i came back with wife another day. we both felt that it was not so good. also it was expensive, add egg S$1 and add cockles S$2 so a S$4 plate was S$7. we tried the four seasons chendol. it was very good!

c.h.e.f andy

Apollo Char Kuay Teow @ Marine Parade Food Centre


84 Marine Parade Central, #01-174, Singapore 440084

Opening Hours:

daily (closed on tues)11:30am–4:30pm

Son’s Latte Art on 13Oct2020

son’s latte art
son’s latte art
son’s latte art

son made barista standard latte art beautifully smooth coffee on 13.10.2020 👍👍👍

the key to latte art is in the milk.

there are “intricate steps” to produce microfoam. son was explaining to me. to froth the milk at the top to produce foam and by the side of the milk pitcher to create circulation, until no big bubbles (ie smooth microfoam), then immerse frother to heat up milk.

didn’t sound too difficult but i have not tried my hands thus far, the benefits of not learning so being that got son to make coffee for me. lol! 🙂

it makes a huge difference to the cup of coffee…the microfoam blended completely to produce a silky smooth wonderful cup of coffee…the latte art is a bonus. son has not yet consistently produced the above latte art but for me the reward is in the wonderful cup of coffee, latte art or not.

not sure i fancy the trouble, or just happily resort to my nespresso and enjoy the occasional cup made by son.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Home Cooked Dinner on 13Oct2020

brother delivered dinner this evening on 13.10.2020. ^^

very nice braised pork belly, small intestines & egg.

porridge very tasty with sliced pork 瘦肉皮蛋粥👍

nicely homely dishes.

c.h.e.f andy

Good Crab Set Dinner @ Uncle Leong on 12Oct2020

deepfried soon hock

after walk we went dinner @ uncle leong on 12.10.2020. ^^

HC bought dinner for WT’s birthday.

HC bought chope all day voucher S$200 forS$180 = S$20 discounts

we ordered S$168 set for 4pax & added S$9 medium mee goreng.

food was very good, good taste…better than expected..

restaurant said only 1kg crab available though listed as 1.2kg crab on set menu..gave us 10 free fried buns..

service was pleasant & good..could have changed plates more often..

anyway all makan outlets need support during this covid period & service was cheerful and polite so we didn’t ask too much..

golden sand crab very good,similar tasting as ah yat’s pumpkin sauce,very nice with buns..

sri lankan crab was 1 kg size alright and “toing” solid la..and sweet so no complaints there

nescafe pork chop 排骨王very tender & tasty.

油浸笋壳great the usual good restaurant standard though not live fish.

3 eggs spinach very tasty broth

& mee goreng was very good.

dessert just sea coconut longan..quite ok

overall very good dinner S$218nett so after chope voucher discounts=S$198 for 5pax.

we all happy diners..great dinner and wonderful brotherhood time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Uncle Leong @ Ponggol


6 Tebing Lane, Punggol E, #01-03, 828835



Opening Hours:


Mediocre Food @ Oscar’s Conrad on 11Oct2020

roast beef good

had ala carte buffet at oscar conrad on 11.10.2020.^^

with amex love dinning 50% discounts S$69 for 2pax.

food mediocre won’t go back.

best dishes:

  • kueh paitee
  • oysters
  • roast beef first serving good second serving not good
  • laksa

quite good:

  • eggplant
  • and also burrata
  • smoked duck shiso leaf
  • duck confit
  • slow braised beef


  • cold platter (except oysters)
  • vongole
  • mala steamed fish
  • deconstructed lemon meringue

worst dishes:

  • otah
  • chicken wings
  • bulgogi rice with beef cubes not bulgogi at all
  • dry bakuteh actually 卤肉饭
  • char siew siew yoke
  • sashimi1

c.h.e.f andy


Oscar’s @ Conrad


2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982


Opening Hours: