6pax Tapao Lunch at WM Place on 15Sep2020

5 RI bros descended on WM house on 15.9.2020.^^ 😜

i fetched OCH..he finished his 14days SHN at hotel & checked out after test negative on sunday night.

LKH bought hua zai chicken rice & char siew siew yoke from tampines outlet.

WM bought roast duck from long yuan dunman fc

roast duck & hua zai chicken & chilli, and char siew siew yoke all nice though tapao look not so great. 🙂

& j made beancurd skin ytf, braised chicken feet plus cabbage soup with fuzhou fishball – all very good👍 enjoy the extras from J every time, always something nice to add to.

CCG always gentleman brought flowers for the lady.

I brought a 天猫精灵for WM.very nice lunch..

ate too much like 2x normal..after that we went old airport road for the best chendol👍

c.h.e.f andy


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