Daughter’s Birthday Bash 9pax Family Dinner on 24Jul2020

lobster pasta


chilli butter lobster

lobster pasta

seafood paella

seafood paella

vongole linguine

chef john mexican veracruz snapper

wife’s mirin ribeye steak

iberico pork collar steak

lamb fillet


made 9pax family dinner for daughter’s birthday celebration

  1. pumpkin aragula salad
  2. lobster pasta
  3. seafood paella
  4. vongole linguine
  5. chef john’s Mexican veracruz golden snapper
  6. angus grain fed ribeye mirin steak (by wife)
  7. pangrilled iberico pork collar steak
  8. pangrilled lamb fillet
  9. pangrilled vegetables russels sprouts & long stem cauliflower (by aunty bes)

elder daughter broight yuzu cheese cake very nice too. 🙂

food was delicious, everyone had a great evening and memorable time together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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