Wife arranged best 6-course Degustation Dinner at Buona Terra on 16Oct2019

wife organised 2pax 6-course degustation dinner at buona terra on 16.10.2019. ^^

alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet

1st course – alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet

1st course – alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet was exquisite, crab very sweet & perfect & love the cucumber sorbet like white gazpacho.

2nd course = mozambique scampi basically lobster size, with seafood bisque..scampi grilled then oven..very tender texture and sweet, most delightful..bisque was intense, flavourful, smooth, the nuts, cauliflower ring gave some texture not much to flavours.

3rd course – onsen egg, porcini mushrooms, covered with black truffles..this a competent but pedestrian dish..no much truffle flavour and taste mediocre, no wow..

side dish for 3rd course – crouton with shaved truffle..side dish tasted better.

4th course=spaghetti with small clams excellent al dente pasta, very tasty but not much the limited ingredients can do..if have a choice from menu, i would go for the uni pasta or squidink

5th course – slow cooked lamb loin 👍 was superb..even wife who normally avoids lamb took 2/3 of it..very tender, tasty, no gamey taste.

6th course = dessert ..the cigaro their signature, with coconut meringue, passion fruit, mango competent but didn’t excite..

the chocolate mousse a much tastier dessert nothing out of ordinary ..

service was excellent, from valet to diner & wine service, knowledgeable and friendly.. a place i would come again.

c.h.e.f andy


Buona Terra

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