S$25 Crab Beehoon = RI Bros 4pax Lunch @ Don Signature Crab on 16Oct2019

S$25 crab beehoon3

S$25 crab beehoon

went to novena then had 4pax lunch with RI bros @ don signature crab at tpy north on 16.10.2019.^^

we took the excellent very tasty S$25 crab beehoon.

crab small but “toing” (meat filled the shell to the brim) and very sweet.

S$15 lala prawn beehoon2

super super tasty lala prawn beehoon

and even better S$15 prawn lala white beehoon..super super tasty!

& a S$5 char siew roast pork rice..all very shiok la!

all in, S$45 for 4pax lunch.

c.h.e.f andy


Don Signature Crab




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