RI Class of 74/76 Birthday Bash @ Jackson Miller Singapore Swimming Club on 10Oct2019

prawn salad

prawn salad

our RI friends organised a great birthday bash dinner & golf (for the golfers) at jackson miller at singapore swimming club on 10.10.2019. ^^


we had 5 course dinner

prawn salad was quite good,

sashimi and sushi was pedestrian,

lobster bisque was quite good, competent.

choice of main course include chilean seabass(patagonian tooth fish) & wagyu

the chilean seabass was below par..should be smooth, flaky, slight oily fish better than cod..this one either not the freshest cut or slight overcooked.

heard the wagyu was good…

bomb alaska basically vanilla ice cream with too much cream..not sure the flaming did much to the taste..

nice cake though with RI school crest,

SL's cake

and SL made an excellent cake!

a very enjoyable dinner and evening with RI pals of yesteryears…

c.h.e.f andy



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