Recipe 8th Sharing & Demo = Curry Chicken and Potatoes @ Teban Gardens on 9Oct2019

cooking sharing demo 20pax4

teban gardens PPHCSC (pasir panjang hill community service centre) organised a cooking sharing session on 9.10.2019. ^^.

this my 8th cooking demo and sharing… 🙂

20 residents attended today.

i made curry chicken.

cooking sharing demo 20pax

my 8th cooking demo at teban gardens community service centre

curry chicken with jiamtauroti

my 8th cooking demo at teban gardens community service centre

it takes time to cook curry chicken on the spot so basically i provided the recipe and cooked the dish at home and brought over to teban gardens and heated up there, while i walked through the steps in the recipe i provided.

i used to make my own curry paste, but i not picky so i find the ready curry paste like heng’s, mak, and happy family all ok for me.

for me, curry paste settled, a key for me is the stock. in use very tasty intense chicken stock from chicken bones boiled with carrots etc and reduced over 4hrs. one can use ready chicken stock too.

in this case for cooking demo and sharing purpose, i recommend to remove the breast meat and boil the boney chicken parts like ribs etc over 1/2hr, then add back the breast meat…

for me i think texture is as key as the taste, so chicken must be just right and not overcooked, like anything else actually, lol! 🙂

the residents loved the curry chicken and potatoes and take with some “chiam tao roti” baguette!

c.h.e.f andy


1 large chicken 1.4-1.6kg cleaned and cut into pieces
2 marinate with curry paste + 1 tbsp fish sauce for 2hrs or overnight
3 fry 2 tbsp chopped garlic and 1 twig curry leaves (20leaves).
4 add marinated chicken and fry thoroughly. remove breast and meat cuts w/o bones.
5 add 500ml water and boil bone parts for 1/2 hr to enhance flavours while reduce liquids.
6 add 4 cut potatoes and cook 5 mins. add back breast and meat pieces, and add 200ml coconut milk and cook another 5mins.
7 taste gravy and check potatoes are cooked by pressing against wok or piercing through easily




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