Good Braised Trotters OK Kway Chap Rude Hawker @ 源记 Gaun Kee Kway Chap Toa Payoh Lor 1 on 1Sep2019

源记kueh chap

after 2hrs 10mins walk with wife, her friends J, H and YY, 2 of us decided to go TPY lor 8 to eat four seasons chendol on 1.9.2019. ^^

源记kueh chap

we decided to have some makan as well.

wife wanted kway chap.

源记kway chap S$6 ok

kway chap S$6 quite ok = S$5.50 for kway chap and S$0.50 for kueh.

nothing special and not really much for S$5.50. won’t take this next time.

i like the kueh especially, the soup gravy has nice intestine taste..i don’t eat kway chap much, quite enjoyed that.

pig hock $6 good

the braised trotters, actually it was the hock, the upper joint..was good!

not better than my own, but it was good and S$6 wasn’t expensive at all. a whole leg including the lower trotters would cost like S$9 at sheng shiong.

i can come here just to eat the trotters and kueh..

four seasons chendol

four seasons chendol

and fours seasons chendol, what is there to say, totally satisfying everytime!

c.h.e.f andy


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