Excellent Tapas Steep Prices @ La Taperia on 24Jl2019


daughter wanted to have tapas dinner for her birthday so arranged 9pax dinner inc aunty bes at la taperia on 24.7.20197. ^^

food was really good. of course price very steep too. we ate a lot red many dishes anyway. 🙂

mushroom croquette

ham croquette

the croquettes were both very good, the mushroom better than the ham.

i was inspired to try out tasty app online recipe, but first attempt so so, need to see how to improve.

zucchini flowers

we all loved the zucchini flowers. excellent texture and taste.

poached egg dish

son ordered one poached egg dish to try. nt among the best dishes this evening.

gambas al ajillo

the gambas al ajillo or garlic prawns was excellent.

this one i can do easily. both my chorizo prawns and garlic prawns just as good.

galician octopus

galician octopus

the galician octopus very good standard here. tender and tasty.

fish soup

fish soup

the fish soup was good too. i guess a version of the french bouillabaile..

squid ink deepfried squid

the squidink deepfried baby squid was very good too. first time i had this dish. a very nice dish.

squidink paella

chicken paella

both paella were excellent!

the chicken paella surprises! very tender chicken and tasty paella…

lamb rack

the best dish had to be the lamb rack. even wife took some…this so tender and flavourful…i must try a variation like this one, so far i only do the pistachio and the herb crusted lamb rack.

daughter and family all had a great time. i guess we will be back here. set lunch is a bit more affordable. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


La Taperia

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