Delicious Porridge @ Empress Porridge at Galaxis on 27Jul2019

porridge, chicken, carrot cake

my RI bor NCL organised get together with TKF, KWL @ GLK’s empress porridge at galaxis on 29.7.2019

unfortunately NCL himself couldn’t make it..

had nice porridge (both chicken porridge and the usual brown rice porridge very good), fried chicken and fried carrot cake with chye por (nice too, a bit salty)

fried chicken

all the dishes were tasty! 🙂

the chicken a bit oily and heavy on flour. it’s tasty!

carrot cake

carrot cake also tasty. a bit salty.



the 2 porridge were delicious!

i think i will bring my OPS buddies to makan here.

porridge, chicken, carrot cake

had a great time with good friends.

c.h.e.f andy


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