Best Indian Rojak 9pax RI Bros Lunch @ Habibs Ayer Rajah FC on 10Sep2019


habib’s indian rojak the best!

had 9pax indian rojak lunch @ habib’s ayer rajah fc

we ordered 3 rounds about S$52

afterwards we had durian …season ending no msw here took 金手指S$10/kg-S$25 then another 皇中皇S$18

no comparison with ah seng’s msw

afterwards YF LKY LKH came my place & J joined too.


indian rojak really good. we ordered 3 rounds.

best items the whole sotong, cuttlefish head/tentacles, coconut fritter, small prawn fritter, and of course the best – the gravy! we had couple refills! and we ordered fish cake and tau kua as well…

S$3 mee siam

mee siam was touted as very good.

for me it was outright poor. too sweet and not tasty!

excellent S$5 ikan bilis fried beehoon

excellent S$5 ikan bilis fried beehoon

the S$5 ikan bilis fried beehoon was excellent, very good wok hae.

habib’s indian rojak the best!

CCG was not satisfied with 2 orders, so he went to order a 3rd, no one complaining, actually i ate a lot, second to CCG lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Habib’s Rojak




Wife’s Excellent Beef Don 5pax Dinner on 9Sep2019

wife made excellent beef don

wife made excellent beef don

wife made 5pax dinner on 9.9.2019. ^^

excellent beef don, tako kakiage & oven roast pork ribs.

usda prime ribeye was excellent! wife added mirin and sake when charring the beef.

don was sprinkled with japanese garnishing and ribeye slices topped with wasabi, exactly like beef don restaurants.

tako kakiage done like calamari, just using japanese octopus. and oven baked baby ribs were tasty and fell of the bones. very good indeed!

c.h.e.f andy


Prawn Alio Olio for One on 9Sep2019

prawn alio olio

got leftover like 60g spaghetti in chiller

just throw in 4 prawns and made chili prawn alio olio 1pax lunch.

prawn alio olio

prawn alio olio

fried cut chili padi, chopped garlic in olive oil till fragrant. do not brown garlic.

add white wine and reduce.

add spahetti, off fire, add butter & toss. add sea salt to taste.

garnish with sweet basil. i lazy to do. lol!


a quick, delicious meal for one!

c.h.e.f andy



Very Good Standard Mao Shan Wang from Ah Seng @ Ghim Moh on 8Sep2019

msw from ah seng – S$22 per kg = S$30 for 10 seeds

msw from ah seng – S$22 per kg = S$30 for 10 seeds

bought msw durian from ah seng

S$22/kg 1 small durian = S$30 for 10 seeds quite ex

super creamy and “joo hoot” very tiny seeds, taste excellent maybe not the most flavourful i had from ah seng.

still shiok if not very very shiok!

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Seng Durian @ Ghim Moh


Good Duck at 梁照记 DUCK PORRIDGE and Ter Kar Trotters) at 幸福潮州小食 on 5Sep2019

duck rice and pig trotters

had breakfast with brother & sil at 6th ave coffeeshop…i had kopi..

met CCG at novena..



afterwards we drove, parked and walked to whampoa food centre about 11.20am on 5.9.2019. ^^

no queue at duck stall and hoover rojak next door..& trotters stall only open 12pm

took duck rice then added a trotters. both quite good. 👍

braised duck

braised duck

the duck S$14 for 2pax not too leg portion ok not a lot for 2pax…

duck texture and taste both ok. i don’t like the gluey sauce much…

S$6 pork trotters

S$6 pork trotters

duck was ok.

both of us liked the trotters from 幸福潮州小食 more. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


(1) 梁照记 DUCK PORRIDGE @ whampoa food centre

(2) 幸福潮州小食 @ whampoa food centre


Whampoa Makan Place, 90 Whampoa Drive #01-04, 320090, (Balestier)


Expensive Good Standard Dimsum @ Imperial Treasure Nanbei on 1Sep2019

crispy char siew pao

5pax lunch with wife, daughter, sis & bil @ imperial treasure nanbei at taka on 1.9.2019. ^^

went early at 11.30am sharp and got our table immediately.

nanbei very crowded on sunday & later time may need to wait even with reservation.

i had this complimentary imperial treasure silver membership that came with 2xS$50 welcome voucher to use. can only use one today.

i like the crispy char siew pao. but i think the recent charcoal char siew pao at paradise dynasty @ funan was better.


小笼包here always good standard, tasty soup, light skin and sweet filling. 🙂

charcoal pork neck char siew

charcoal pork neck char siew 碳烧猪项肉our favourite.

carrot puff

carrot puf was excellent!


潮州粉果 was good!

steamed pork ribs

and steamed pork rib was the best. we ordered a second helping, very tasty and very meaty, not all fat or all bones…

spicy dumplings

spicy dumplings here always good!

crispy prawn cheong fun

wife and daughter like the crispy prawn cheong fun…

fun cheong though hard to match hk standard – very smooth and tasty sauce…

xo fried carrot cake

had the xo carrot cake..very good!

pork chop ramen

pork chop ramen mediocre – very ex and not comparable to paradise dynasty @ funan!

was a great dimsum lunch, very pricey = S$140+ nett for 5pax, about 3x the price of timhowan at shamshuipo HK!

after S$50 voucher, about S$80+ nett so quite ok for 5pax.

w/o the free S$50 voucher, i would not usually come here for expensive dimsum..

c.h.e.f andy


imperial treasure nanbei

opening hours:


Delicious 2mins Prawn 豆签 Bean Noodles Dinner for One on 31Aug2019

prawn 豆签soup

made 2mins dinner for myself 1pax on 31.8.2019. ^^

prawn 豆签 using leftover chicken stock.

just one bunch 豆签  bean noodles very light and hopefully lower carbs, anyway it was a tiny amount.

had very tasty thick chicken stock left over. just seasoned 4 prawns with fish sauce and white pepper, dropped them with the 豆签  about same time 2mins to cook.

garnised with cut chili and scallions..

and voila!

delicious dinner for one….

c.h.e.f andy