Laksa Steamboat – Delicious, Sedap Pong’s Laksa with Poached Chicken 白斩鸡 8pax Family Dinner on 8Aug2019

pong’s laksa with chicken

wife traveling..i made 8pax family pong’s laksa hotpot dinner this evening..with aunty bes..on 8.8.2019.^^

pong’s laksa with chicken

pong’s laksa is just sedap, simply delicious! the best laksa for me…

i like it only second to curry chicken noodles.

pong’s laksa steamboat

today i made it as a steamboat, with additional ingredients including some yongtaufu.


of course it works only with my poached chicken 白斩鸡, which is as good or better than ah heng’s chicken, but nothing compares with ah heng’s curry chicken gravy.

yongtaufu and prawn

sliced toman and fish cake


so a few items to complement the main laksa and chicken and served as steamboat so always hot gravy.

pong’s laksa with chicken

pong’s laksa with chicken

simply wonderful chicken and laksa!

pong’s laksa steamboat

though pong’s laksa gravy sachet is very good, the key for me to make it a very tasty laksa is the chicken stock…i had very sweet, tasty, intense chicken stock from boiling whole chicken bones with all the aromatics, ginger, shallots, spring onions garlic, and also carrots.

a most delicious family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


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