Recipe = Chicken Cordon Bleu on 29Aug2019

chicken cordon bleu

made chicken cordon bleu (a kind of chicken roulade) for the first time for 4pax family dinner on 29.8.2019 and again for 5pax buddies lunch on 2.9.2019. ^^

saw an excellent recipe = creamy, crispy chicken cordon bleu on tasty recipe and decided to make it.

came out very tasty, very good consistent, tender chicken texture. the pounding tenderised the chicken.

cheese, bacon, chorizo, basil

pounded 1 chicken breast.

I didn’t have sliced cheese and ham.

used what i have in the fridge – sliced some dutch pepper cheese, some chorizo, and added one slice back bacon.

chicken cordon bleu

and rolled up in cling film and placed in the chiller for one hour.

chicken cordon bleu

then coat the chicken roll with flour, beaten egg, and lastly breadcrumbs before shallow frying on a thin film and hot oil.

browned on all sides and to make sure the chicken is cooked and not burned, i reduce fire to medium low and cover the pan. total time about 10mins.

chicken cordon bleu

it came out quite well, still can make some adjustments.

chicken cordon bleu

eg for the backbacon it is better to fry it so a slightly crispy texture would add to the taste and texture of the chicken roulade.

chicken cordon bleu

chicken cordon bleu

chicken cordon bleu & chicken kamameshi

overall it was a great dish and a good appetiser or tapas to serve.

chicken cordon bleu

will be making more of this wonderful dish.

c.h.e.f andy



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