Recipe = Taujeon Lime Song Fish Head on 4Jul2019

taujeon lime song fish head

sis and bil stayed and watched chinese serials, and later 3pax dinner this evening on 4.7.2019.

taujeon lime song fish head

I made teochew taujeon lime juice steamed song fish head 松鱼头. ^^
very easy S$4 1/2fish head, steamed with 3tbsp crushed taujeon, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp lime juice, 2tbsp oil, and usual garnishes.
fresh, tender and sweet, slight tangy..very nice.
c.h.e.f andy

3 thoughts on “Recipe = Taujeon Lime Song Fish Head on 4Jul2019

  1. May I ask which brand of Taucheu and soya sauce (light and dark) you recommend? Also oyster sauce? Actually would be so good if you could do a short post on what brands you use for the various sauces? Thank you so much!!

  2. hi thanks again for stopping by!

    i don’t use taujeon for cooking much so i don’t try out different brands…i used what i have in the fridge which is knife brand and used a metal tablespoon to mash them…my sis buy me 普宁taujeon more tasty less salty which we use for dipping teochew chilled mullet..
    for this Taujeon Lime Song Fish Head, i used 2 tbsp 普宁taujeon which is more watery…and mash 2 tbsp knife brand taujeon…
    do cook the dishes to taste to more liking and enjoy!

  3. regards brands of different sauces, you can comment or message me if it relates to a specific dish.
    for future posts, i will bear in mind to include the brand of suaces if any. cheers!

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