Food First Service Last @ Eat First 食之为鲜 on 3Jul2019

song fish head 

good food good price poor service @ eat first (i guess service last) 食之为鲜 3pax dinner this evening on 3.7.2019. ..

food vs price alone i guess 4 to 4.5 stars

tea S$1pax rice S$1pax towel S$0.50pax all reasonable..

fish head was big, fresh, very good standard.

so 2 stars for me this evening only because the young lady was untrained, uninitiated or just not in jolly mood..

eat first 食之为鲜

i booked 6pm and arrived 6.55pm..traffic delays, picking up other diners, parking was 20% by time we left 40% occupied.

We were asked to take a smaller table but we think more comfortable so moved to a bigger round table with the consent of server..

the young lady at counter saw it fit to come over and give us a lecture about calling up if we are late as they kept booking only for 15mins (sure they should)..

i always make it a point to call to cancel before time if i not going..this time we are coming just late because delays and i know very well the restaurant is empty..been there before..

& we could also be just walk-in no need to say we booked..and if itwas full just too bad lor, other makan places all around..since it is empty no need give customer a lecture la..

anyway we came for food to enjoy the food that part satisfied ok la..just putting on record lol!

tofu prawns

tofu prawns 

bittergourd pork ribs

bittergourd pork ribs 

prawn tofu and bittergourd very good standard despite this elder brother being from the steamed department..great taste, texture and good wokhae so food and price wise i think really quite good.

3 dishes

S$67.50 for 3pax

song fish head 

we had a great time ourselves, unperturbed by the poor service attitude, purposely giving customers a smaller table when so many empty tables throughout dinner, and when customer moved to bigger table, couldn’t take it must come to give lecture…just immature and bad attitude.

did not bother us but still need to put on record la! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Eat First 食之為鮮


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