Recipe = Very Good Taujeon Lime Steamed Golden Pomfret on 21Jun2019

taujeon lime golden pomfret

made 1pax all protein dinner this evening on 21.6.2019.^^..🙂

  • just cleaned fish with salt, drained by, added 3 tbsp tau jeon, 1 tbsp lime juice, and all the usual sliced ginger, chopped sacllions and chilli padi.

golden pomfret steamed with taujeon and lime juice. very nice!👍👍👍

don’t know why golden pomfret cheaper than black pomfret

2 for S$6.90 c/w black pomfret S$14.90/kg at sheng shiong…

taujeon lime golden pomfret 

eaten black pomfret fried before i think never eat golden pomfret..meat is firm and sweet like white pomfret and not very fishy like black pomfret..

very worth it!

this taujeon lime steamed fish i think is similar to what eat first 食之为鲜 steamed song fish head and zhia soon’s steamed sharek’s cartilage. will try on song fish head next time.

c.h.e.f andy


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