Great Tapas 5pax Dinner for Wife’s Friends on 14Jun2019

spanish omelette – tortilla

wife invited her friends MW & thomas (also my RI friend) and WG (Dorothy) for 5 pax dinner this evening on 14.6.2019. ^^

we had-

1 (wife made) salad and grilled brussel sprouts
2 spanish omelette
3 miso teriyaki salmon belly
4 chorizo prawns
5 seafood tagliatelle
6 australian wagyu 6/7 striploin

wife’s mesclun salad 

mesclun salad was excellent, with agave nectar and the usual extra virgin olive oil and balsamic and some crunchy bits.

spanish omelette – tortilla

the spanish omelette – tortilla were excelelnt this evening. don’t make this often, but this evening it was tasty and the egg, potatoes were onions were just the right texture. 🙂

wife’s friend all loved this tapas dish. 🙂

wife’s brussels sprouts

and i loved the sprouts.

miso teriyaki salmon belly

miso teriyaki salmon belly good as usual, and the fresh gill from my garden was great.

chorizo prawns

they all loved the chorizo orawns very flavourful and succulent prawns, and wonderful chorizo sauce.

pangrilled wagyu MBS 6/7 striploin 

pangrilled wagyu MBS 6/7 striploin 

pangrilled wagyu MBS 6/7 striploin 

wagyu was a good cut, marbled and flavourful not my best rendition though not getting the right temperature and timing with this pan..

still it was very tasty and tender, and quite restaurant standard.

seafood tagliatelle

pasta was al dente and very tasty.

i used the same intense tasty chicken stock made from chicken bones, carrots and aromatics like ginger, red onions, garlic, scallions.

both had white wine reduction, browned whole garlic cloves in olive oil and basil, only that chorizo prawn sauce also had sliced chorizo so another layer of taste. and most appreciated by wife’s friends.

had a great fun dinner with good friends together.

c.h.e.f andy




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