Always Good Curry Chicken Noodles on 18Jan2019

curry chicken noodles

hong lim food centre re-open after 2months renovation.

3 of us, LKH, LKY and i arranged to go at 11am.

not sure what has changed? well ah heng prices did – now S$5,S$6,S$7, S$0.50 higher than previously.

LUCKILY, chicken and gravy still just as nice, really shiok everytime eating it.

RI bro curry chicken noodles 

now ah heng has another stall across the stairs. when i was there at 11.10am, there was a queue of 6 before me but zero queue at the new stall.

i decided to queue since just 6pax and the old boss and team at this side.

maybe the other is a franchisee.

LKH came another 10mins later, he went to buy from the other stall…somehow the curry and taste managed to be like quite different? i wonder?

curry chicken noodles

anyway what i and LKY had was good, the usual very tender and sweet chicken and very very tasty gravy.

this something i can’t really make myself, and what i truly enjoy.

c.h.e.f andy

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