Excellent Meepok Tar @ Song Kee Tembeling Road 17Jan2019

meepok tar 

fetched WT & met at WM’s place on 17.1.2019.

walked over to song kee at tembeling. this HC’s favourite noodle place, very good leh!

took S$6 meepok tar very nice!👍

after that went to fei fei had kopi & took lapis sagu & ondeh2 from kim choo..

then walked over to haig road market & ate msw small seeds pretty good.

song kee noodles S$6

the servings come in S$4,S$6,S$8.

server knew we didn’t want too much carbs. she said same amount of noodles, but S$6 gave all the ingrdients, so we obediently ordered S$6.

meepok tar all finished

the noodles came with lots of ingredients, 3 very tasty fish balls, another large fish/meat ball, a taupok and another piece, quite good ingredients for S$6.

but of course the test is in the noodles, qq, and the chilli.

this one obviously very good, so we cleaned up the carbs…limited bandwidth la…so only consumed “worthwhile” carbs…

msw next to haig road market

msw next to haig road market 

after that we went to fei fei wanton noodle coffeeshop and had a kopi. on the way we bought ondeh ondeh and lapis sagu from kim choo.

eating too much leh..

& afterwards we walked to haig road market, WT and WM took chendol.

bought 3packets of msw S$!5 per packet form shop next to market. they were good too, small seeds and good flavours, not the very best msw but good enough and worth it for S$15 per packet. we shared 2 packets.

meepok tar

a great outing with OPS bros.

pity HC couldn’t join us today.

ate too much but we walked a lot too. this days, walking is becoming the new normal for me and my friends. lol! ^^

c.h.e.f andy



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