A Close Family Christmas Eve 8pax Dinner on 24Dec2018

christmas eve dinner dishes

wife organised a christmas eve dinner. E could not make it, so we had 8pax including aunty bes on 24.12.2018. ^^


1 pumpkin rocket salad
2 wife’s crayfish pasta
3 beer can chicken 
4 grilled snapper
5 herb crusted rack of lamb
6 wife’s grilled vegetables
7 pangrilled vegetables

daughter organised a gift exchange. she let us draw a no. earlier. it happened that i drew my wife’s no. and she drew mine. i not into buying christmas gift. buy a gift for my wife that’s quite fine..zalora to the rescue! haha! ^^

christmas eve dinner dishes

this evening wife made some dishes herself.

i made a pumpkin rocket salad. the children loved the salad.

wife’s crayfish pasta

her famous crayfish pasta.

crayfish very fresh and creamy tomato sauce nicely done. aunty bes prepared the capeillini. it was slightly overdone. later the children took the tagliatelle i made which were al dente for the crayfish pasta, so i didn’t make my tagliatelle dish…:-)

sliced ham

the ham which came in a hamper was quite nice, but not much taker. so i took a few pieces.

grilled sweet potatoes

wife bought sweet potatoes from red mart and i bought the purple ones from sheng shiong (japanese sweet potatoes from vietnam???)..

mine was 1/2 the price at S$3/kg and it was really quite nice. but the expensive ones were softer and nicer.

grilled sweet corn

grilled sweet corn always nice.

pan-grilled brussel sprouts

and we all loved brussel sprouts.

grilled vegetables

i also made some pan=grilled vegetables – red & yellow peppers and zucchini. and wife did the portobello mushrooms.

beer can chicken

beer can chicken

beer can chicken

i made again the beer can chicken.

it was just as lovely as what i made few evenings ago for my RI makan group friends. chicken was tender, moist, sweet and flavourful, and grilled skin specially a nice flavour.

rack of lamb

i also made a lamb rack this evening.

this rack was frenched but not denuded, so i had to cut away lots of fats.

it was very well cleaned so no much gamey taste.

browned rack of lamb

i charred it on the pan before putting on the herb crust.

herb crusted rack of lamb

lamb crusted and ready for grill 22mins at 210degC for medium rare.

herb crusted rack of lamb

we ate the lamb forgot to take photos. lol!

grilled snapper

grilled snapper

today the grilled fish didn’t come out so well. the oven was different one so timing and temperature somehow did not produce the same effect…

marinade was nice. i flamed the fish, and we took the top part which was quite nice. the part nearer the bones were not cooked through so i left it in the oven.

grilled snapper

& it actually came out very nicely bbq, and very flavourful…

christmas eve dinner dishes

so, a very enjoyable family dinner and as good food as eating out really. and after dinner we took photos around the christmas tree and shared the presents.

a memorable & close family evening together. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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