Good BreakFast @ Bohinj Apartment on 17Sep2018 Day 3 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

homecooked breakfast

we bought smoked thick bacon, croissant & bread, eggs and brussel sprouts last evening so made a delicious breakfast at out bohinj apartment on 17.9.2018. ^^

the bacon was really really good. we cooked that couple of times more later.

breakfast time

our bohinj apartment had a good kitchen. more about that later.

homecooked breakfast

we had croissant & multigrain bread.

the really delicious grilled smoked thick bacon were between the bread.

homecooked breakfast

homecooked breakfast

i made some sunny side up.

brussel sprouts & bacon

and son did a really good brussel sprouts, very nicely chargrilled, then added the smoked bacon in small strips for good flavour.

really enjoyed son’s brussel sprouts! ^^

we were going up mt vogel, and a good heart breakfast was just what we needed.

c.h.e.f andy

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