Average Not So Great Dinner @ Pod Skalco on 16Sep2018 Day 2 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

panfried trout & grills at pod skalco

i guess this would count as the worst dinner we had in slovenia, at a pub pod skalco which means like “under the rock”, on 16.9.2018.

massive glacial rock wall at lake bonhij next to pod skalco

massive glacial rock wall at lake bonhij next to pod skalco

after walking around lake bohinj and taking photos at the golden horn sculpture, we came to a massive natural rock wall next to pod skalco. wonder if they use it for rock climbing?

panfried trout

i read that the panfried trout (top photo & above) was good. but it was not so fresh here, so maybe just passable not great dish. subsequent we had very good ones at bovec. write about that later.

mixed grill

the mixed grill di not come with beef or pork or like in croatia, lamb.

it was mostly sausage & cevapi, not too bad dish of grilled minced meat similar to kebab & commonly found in croatia & i guess here in slovenia, and a piece of chicken.

sausage set

i think the sausage was on offer like €8.90 or something so we took that as well.

too much sausages.

i guess food was the robust hearty type, competent enough, not great also not specially bad, just very average food.

c.h.e.f andy


Pod Skalco

Opening Hours:

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