The Worst Hotel = Grand Hotel Toplice Atrocious Service & Rundown Floor & Room on 15Sep2018 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

Just a word on the atrocious service and the lousy room in grand hotel toplice.

julijana, the restaurant at hotel, has good online reviews.

for that reason my wife booked 1/2 board including a 4-course set dinner & breakfast at grand hotel toplice.

few days before our arrival, wife emailed the hotel to ask the hotel to help reserve for us a table with a good view of the lake because this was for my 60th birthday celebrations. the email was written over an email trail where the hotel replied & confirmed the 1/2 board.

and how did the hotel replied?

the same person who confirmed the 1/2 board on the same email trail replied to say “the restaurant was fully booked and no table was available”!

how could you confirm and make your customer pay very exorbitant 1/2 board rate and then replied that no table was available. it was unnecessary vexing for your customer! luckily we were not the type to be bothered or vexed.

when we arrived at the hotel, and rooms were available for early checked in the same guy (who later identified himself to the person who confirmed the 1/2 board & yet replied my wife that no table was available!) tried to get us to pay additional €30 for early check in.

(that was unusual in my experience though if you want to guarantee early check in then of course you pay for that but usually hotels i have stayed in my lifetime do not ask that when you are at the counter. if they have the room available they just offer to you, especially when this was a very exorbitant room). this though was insignificant & not an issue to us. we didn’t need so we just deposited our luggage.

so we asked about the reservation at julijana restaurant & the really odd reply.

and the guy got the galls to say “i thought you wanted to book another table”. i don’t want to be rude here so i leave it as that.

then of course we ask since the matter of table reservation is cleared up, can he help us get a table with a good view?

and his reply?

o…that is the restaurant. you have to go talk to the restaurant yourself!

of course we have enuf of this guy & we have no time to be bothered with him.

later when we came back to check in at 3pm after hiking osjtrica,

we had 4 pieces of luggage, and the guy & the a young trainee just stood & look without offering to hep us with the luggage.

they really gave incredible customer service training to their crew in this hotel.

and the room?

hotel completely run down, floors were creaky…it was like the “worse stay room-wise” we had in our entire week in slovenia…

of course the location was good & the views were incredible and they have heated indoor swimming pool, and a really great breakfast, and you have to pay for all that. that’s ok.

but hotel service sucks and that was unforgivable!

& later we found julijana was a really good restaurant with excellent dishes & really good service for which we gave a really good tip to the server precisely because the service was genuine with heart & not expecting to be tipped.. 

and of course the next morning-

the front desk was never trained to greet their customers to say good morning!

when checking out –

the same atrocious attitude ignoring customers. this time though the young trainee guy offer to help with the luggage. we acknowledged him but didn’t need his help.

obviously it is better not to train your front desk staff, then at least they behave like normal human beings. lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Grand Hotel Toplice


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