Going to Bled Island on Pletna Boat Day 2 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

took the pletna boat to bled island €14pax return

after checking out, we took the pletna boat from the ferry point next to hotel to bled island €14pax return.

it’s 35mins one way..even the professional oars man was shagged out resting several times during the journey..

walked around the tiny islelet did not enter the pilgrimage church of assumption of mary..

by the way the €2 ice cream on bled island is really good👍

going to bled island

going to bled island

going to bled island

always fun to ride on the waters.

there are 2 ferry points for pletnas. we landed at the back end of the of the island.the pletna man did not collect payment & we pay only on the return journey.

walking round the tiny bled island

view from bled island

wife wanted to enter front the front jetty so we took the coast path to the front.

took some photos of the shoreline…should be osjtrica & osojnica in the background.

up the steps

a few steps to get to the church & the rest area. 🙂

99 to be exact, and the tradition for the groom to carry the bride up 99 steps for the marriage to be consecrated in the church.

up the steps

the pletna ferry point made a good geometrical photo point of interest. 🙂

view of bled island from osjtrica

that was how the bled island & the steps looked like from osjtrica. 🙂

on bled island

of course bled island is another favourite wedding reception location. 🙂

on bled island

son bought some ice cream. very good ones. 🙂

on bled island

pilgrimage church of the assumption of maria

pilgrimage church of the assumption of maria

we took some photos of the prigrimage church of the assumption of maria.

the single-nave Gothic church was built on the island in 1465. Its special feature was the 52 m high free-standing bell-tower made of porous stone known also as buckwheat grain. The church gained its present Baroque appearance in the middle of the 17th century when the Chapel of Virgin Mary and the monumental staircase with 99 stone steps were constructed. Tradition still has it that the groom should carry his bride up all of the 99 steps in order to get married in the island church.

view the other side

& the view from the other side of the island away from bled castle.

returning on pletna boat

then it was time to leave & we took th epletna back to the hotel ferry point & got into our skoa octavia for the next destination, bohinj and mostnica gorge.

c.h.e.f andy


Bled Island

Blejski otok

4260 Bled




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