Scrumptious 4-course Dinner @ Julijana – Our Best in Slovenia Day 1 3pax Family Holidy in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

4-course set dinner at julijana restaurant

julijana has good online reviews.

for that reason my wife booked 1/2 board including a 4-course set dinner & breakfast at grand hotel toplice.

because of the horrendously bad service & really run down lousy room, we did not expect much of the dinner. basically i was telling my son probably could write off this dinner.

we had a full day staring with rowing on lake bled, a good lunch at mlino, trkking up osjtrica, vintgar gorge & bled castle, so would have been good to settle to a nice dinner.

julijana 4-course dinner menu

& fortunately as it turned out the dinner was scrumptious, every dish was delicious, except for the dessert which are pedestrian, and my tenderloin steak with wrong doneness which was swiftly & politely replaced.

the service was friendly & cheerful, helpful, polite & responsive, exact opposite of the front desk manager & staff..heaven & earth it give the hotel benefit of doubt, hopefully the behaviour of the front desk was exception rather than the rule!

form the salad buffet

there was a bread & salad buffet included in the dinner, so we took some.

goose terrine the best!!!

my goose terrine was incredibly delicious, cannot remember a terrine so delicious, so fragrant & flavourful & smooth.

we had some terrine next morning for breakfast, also very smooth but probably not goose so not quite so flavourful.

smoke trout terrine good

smoke trout terrine good

son’s smoked trout terrine also very good. texture was more grainy which maybe more suited to the nature of the dish.

son & i liked the goose terrine better though both were very very good.

tomatoes with mozzarella

wife’s tomato with mozzarella salad very good to…

we all love burrata & mozzarella. it was light & tasty, and good combination with arugula & veg.

creamy pea veloute

i had the creamy pea soup.

i always love pea soup & most creamy soup…tasty & delectable.

fish consomme

son & wife’s fish soup also good.

for me i prefer creamy soup to consomme.

sea bream with clams istrian pasta, spinach

wife’s sea bream with clams istrian home made pasta, with spinach was delicious.

sea bream had crispy skin & sweet. and wife who generally less excited with fishy fish dishes than i was very happy & enjoyed the dish.

the istrian hoem made pasta (which texture was very similar to the scialatielli pasta we had everyday on amalfi coast) was superb, very very tasty even taken plain, i think already infused with really tasty stock!

i do a very good pan roasted snapper myself so i was less enamoured with the fish here.

the fish, pasta, sides & overall dish was very good. 🙂

tenderloin steak rare with chantarelle sauce

son & i had the tenderloin steak.

when we were chatting with the server, we said tenderloin so we should have it rare.

the steak came out medium well. son was ok with it. i took 1 slice, informed the server, showed him the cut meat & he swiftly replaced it.

tenderloin steak rare with chantarelle sauce

the replacement steak was done perfectly, and as it happened maybe incidentally, it was a much larger piece of steak.

tenderloin steak rare with chantarelle sauce

the rare (doneness) was perfect.

& the tenderloin was just so good, sweet, tender, not tough, world of difference from the medium well piece.

though this was such a basic preparation & the restaurant should have gotten it right first time, still the service recovery was commendable.

flambe apricot not so great

son & i took the flambe apricot.

presentation was great taste was ok, apricot was a bit sour. a competent dessert i guess but not really special like the other dinner dishes.

bled cake ok light enough

the menu did not include bled cake as an option.

my wife jokingly said it would be good if we could tried it, & the server produced the bled cake for her.

it was a good cake, light enough. just that we were not very the cake type or dessert type. wife was very happy & told the server “you made my day” and he did! for all of us!

what a difference good service makes!

sea bream with clams istrian pasta, spinach

the menu did not mention any coffee, when we asked the server said he could do that!

we had a very satisfying dinner and relaxing evening, great time to wind down & enjoy good food & company & chat with the server.

we gave the server a very big tip especially because he was just doing his job so well with his heart in it & not really with expectation of tipping.

c.h.e.f andy


Julijana Restaurant, Grand Hote Toplice, Bled



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