A Really Good Breakfast Day 2 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

breakfast at the terrace

we went straight to breakfast, sat at the terrace, and son joined us shortly on 16.9.2018. ^^

this the same restaurant julijana we had our best dinner inslovenia last evening. 🙂

breakfast semi buffet – cured meats

it was a semi buffet.

there was a huge spread. and high quality stuff.

the cured meats were excellent. there were many variety, different chorizo, salami, cured beef etc

some fish ceviche too

& there were fish ceviche…not sure what? maybe king fish? anyway sweet & tasty.

some pate

& very good tasty, smooth pate.

not sure if it was duck pate, very good but of course not quite the goose terrine of last evening.


& mushrooms & also grilled vegetables like peppers, zucchini etc..

there were all manners of bread & pastry, cheese etc. and nuts which i took a few.

really marvellous buffet.

cooked breakfast – smoked salmon 2 sunny side up

and of course it was a semi buffet.

i ordered smoked salmon. it came with avogado, 2 sunny side up.

good competent, not tops in this department, but then the buffet spread was so good & this salmon was good standard too.


ended with some fruits.

hotel heated swimming pool

wife & son went to swim at the heated hotel swimming pool.

from hotel heated swimming pool

i sat at the swimming pool area & enjoyed the lake scenery outside.

breakfast semi buffet – cured meats

a really scrumptious, satisfying breakfast. among the best i had. similar to the ones we had at docletian palace place at split in apr2018, which i have not blogged yet but will write about later.

c.h.e.f andy

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