Good S$32.80 for 2pax Set Lunch @ Dianxiaoer Waterway Point on 12Jun2018


went with HC & his wife, WM & M for 5pax lunch @ dian xiao er waterway point on 12.6.2018. ^^

dianxiaoer @ waterway point

first time i come to waterway point mall. dianxiaoer quite good ambience, apparently quite full during weekends??

S$32.80 lunch set for 2pax

they have a week day set lunch promotion S$32.80 that looked quite good. 🙂

we ordered 2 sets for 5pax, so 6 dishes = 3 dishes per set. you can add a soup of the day for S$4.80, normally like S$6.80. so we ordered 3. then 2 other normal price soup off the menu.

it included also free tea. here the service staff of the restaurant managed badly. 3 friends arrived earlier & asked about the promo lunch set but did not notice the free tea and ordered 3 tea. when we ordered the 2 sets, the waiter said he would cancel the 2 teas since we were entitled to 4 free tea, but his senior, a lady said we already ordered 3 tea so we had to pay for that.

anyhow the restaurant realised it’s not the right thing to do, and when we paid the bills they only charged 1 tea. that is the right service philosopy & service recovery..

braised duck 十全鸭

the sets were pretty ok. quite good food.

all my friends (me included) liked the braised duck 十全鸭.

not xin cuisine standard or silk @ sicc standard but very good nonetheless. very tasty & enjoyable dish.

mushroom brocoli & kailan

also ordered mushrooms with brocoli. it was a good size serving & mushrooms & brocoli all good.

baby kailan

baby kailan also good & done well, slightly sour with lemon juice i think, quite ok.

braised belly pork

for the second set we ordered the braised belly pork. good too. flavourful & quite tender though the lean meat got some tougher parts.

tofu with minced pork

the tofu with minced pork etc a robust dish, like the ordinary zi char..

kailan stems, deepfried shredded kailan & pork floss

the kailan dish unique & quite fine dish, with slice kailan stems, deepfried shredded kailand leaves (slight bitter) balanced by pork floss (sweet). interesting dish, overall quite nice.

chinese chawanmushi

there is also a steamed egg dish for each set. basically like a chawanmushi, and quite good too.

pork rib soup

pork rib lietong quite ok, nothing special for S$4.80 but i guess even at food court that would be the price, so cannot “hiam” (complain)…

winter melon soup

HC & wife ordered a cordycep soup & winter melon soup…

the lunch was pretty good. HC paid for lunch i think around S$100+ for 5pax pretty ok.

don’t mind the set at all. duck was good & the other dishes too. will bring my sis to try this next time.

c.h.e.f andy


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