Free Lobster Yeemeen for Each Diner @ Peach Garden Metropolis on 9Jun2018

lobster noodles

went with wife for 2pax dinner at peach garden @ metropolis on 9.6.2018. ^^

free lobster noodles for each diner promo 

peach garden has an ongoing free lobster noodles for each diner promotion. no minimum spend.

char siew & siew yoke 

the menu was kind of limited though, nothing much to order.

char siew & siew yoke 

service staff was good, polite & helpful, advised us to order the char siew & siew yoke.

at S$12 per serving i thought i was on the more expensive side.

but the roast pork was very good, excellent. very crispy skin & no fat at all, all rendered out in the roasting process…very nice if ex at S$12.

char siew also very good, so we were happy with the order.

we wanted to order the saliva chicken, but they didn’t have this evening.

so we ordered a sea perch mustard leaves 梅菜鲈鱼, very small serving for S$18, nice though.

& 2 fried tofu at S$7 each minimum order 2.

lobster noodles

good thing was the lobster was good, very tasty & also a good serving with 3 large pieces (basically 1/2 lobster).

quite a good dinner. they of course charged a lot for other things, like S$1.20pax for water, S$0.80pax for tissue & S$4 for peanuts. so bill still came to S$75nett for 2pax.

anyway we were satisfied with the food.

c.h.e.f adny


Peach Garden @ Metropolis

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