Shabu Iberico Pork & Angus Beef 2pax Home Dinner on 10Jun2018

hotpot dinner dishes

had simple 2pax hotpot dinner with wife this evening on 10.6.2018. ^^

iberico pork & angus beef

i had some good iberico pork from phoon huat delicatessen & wife bought some angus beef shabu from donki.

vegetables & mushrooms

& i had lots of mushrooms = enoki, shimeji, shitake, abalone mushrooms, and also chinese cabbage.

hotpot dinner dishes

i made the soup with yellow beans & a bit of tipor..flat fish. 🙂

hotpot dinner dishes

hotpot dinner dishes

& i had very nice dip sauces – yakiniku sauce, goma sauce (roasted sesame) and also 沙茶酱mixed with mala sauce.

beef & iberico pork were just wonderful, and well balanced with mushrooms & veg.

simple & very fulfilling dinner for wife & i.

c.h.e.f andy

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