WT Bought 4pax Lunch @ Shu Jiang Grilled Fish IMM Building on 3May2018

fragrant spicy grilled seabass 香辣考金目鲈

WT bought 4pax OPS buddies lunch at sujiang grilled fish at IMM building on 3.5.2018. ^^

WT fetched me from my place, then fetched M & CH met us at sujiang. 🙂

fragrant spicy grilled seabass 香辣考金目鲈

there was a lunch promo S$38.80 for while grilled seabass plus 2 sides dishes.

WT ordered that plus 2 more side dishes- so we had enoki (golden mushrooms), niang gao (like the korean dok), a bean curd skin 百叶, and another item. 🙂

the fish & the dish was very good in general. taste wise though good, i much prefer the taste at 重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish (WT also bought dinner that time) 

somehow this fragrant spicy 香辣 flavour here NOT fragrant as i expected for  genuine mala dish…maybe the flavour was adjusted, not the one i expected or thought was genuine mala fragrant spicy 香辣 flavour!

saliva chicken 口水鸡

saliva chicken 口水鸡

the saliva chicken 口水鸡 for me was a failure. looked quite nice but does not have the fragrant mala taste of saliva chicken 口水鸡, more like an adulterated sweet sesame taste, or maybe my tastebuds off today. haha! 🙂

my idea of a good saliva chicken 口水鸡 is that at crystal jade or

at the really excellent lunch at shenzhen on 13.9.2017. 🙂

any case WT & i can make much better saliva chicken 口水鸡!

deepfried eggplant

the deepfried eggplant was good, very competent.

fried long beans

the fried long beans with mince pork was good too.

actually both dishes were really of good standard, though many other restaurants can do the same.

chendol at red ginger level 1 IMM

after lunch we adjourned to red ginger at level 1 of IMM.

CH bought chendol. nice kidney beans & good, thick coconut milk & gula melaka..

it was a pretty good chendol, better than all the hawker centres, better than amoy chendol at chinatown & still better than island penang kitchen also.

we maybe partial but four seasons chendol at toa payoh lor 8 still better la…

c.h.e.f andy



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