So-so Nasi Padang 6pax OPS Birthday Dinner of KS @ Indo Chilli on 20Feb2018

KS birthday cake from baker & cook

we organised a 6pax birthday dinner for our OPS bro KS on 20.2.2018. ^^ (KS, WM, FM, M, HH & me). 🙂

i got a birthday (carrot cake) from baker & cook at namly place. 🙂

indo chilli

we went to try out indo chilli, a halal, indonesian restaurant at savourworld science park.

indo chilli & savourworld lagi equally empty on a tuesday! no business no traffic!

Indochilli dishes so-so only…chicken satay, tauhu telor, tempeh petai, and chicken panggang were good.. oxtail soup, beef rendang, mutton curry & ayam kari were poor..

HH joined later, took some satay ..

afterwards we went to island penang kitchen at clementi west…HH ordered penang laksa 👍 but not my favourite…chendol was good but four seasons @ lor 8 is better

chicken satay

online reviews said chicken satay was good…& it was!

a little on the sweet side…we liked it enuf to order a second..

tauhu telor

tauhu telor was good too…of course just standard stuff in any indonesian restaurant.

sop buntut – oxtail soup

sop buntut – oxtail soup was quite poor, not tasty..

beef rendang

beef rendang was passable. gravy ok, beef was too soft, no bite/texture, no much taste.

ayam panggang padang

ayam panggang padang was a better meat dish, ok tasty.

we also ordered another chicken, ayam kari padang…that one not so good…chicken texture also not good, maybe frozen chicken…

mutton curry stew

mutton curry was poor also both taste & texture, not comparison to a good roti prata stall’s.

tempeh with petai

tempeh with petai was the other nice dish here…great taste!

dinner for 5pax was about S$115. HH joined us afterwards. she was busy with lots if CNY lunches & dinner entertainments so joined for fellowship did not eat much…

island penang kitchen

island penang kitchen

S$3 chendol

after makan, KS brought us to island penang kitchen, also M’s regular haunt….

HH found her apetite & tried a S$5 penang laksa..the rest of us had the S$3 chendol…good enuf & none too expensive…i will come back here to try out the penang dishes!

c.h.e.f andy


Indo Chilli




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