CJ hosted Brotherhood CNY2018 Hotpot Lunch + Bak Kwa Tasting on 21Feb2018

CJ’s shih tzu doggy

CJinvited RI brotherhood for CNY hotpot lunch & bak kwa tasting on 21.2.2018…👍👍👍

also doubled as his birthday celebration! we had 12pax out of 14 missing CH & J..

bak kwa tasting

started with a bak kua tasting session….

bak kwa tasting

our friend collected too much bak kwa during CNY cannot finish la…

CJ’s hotpot lunch

a very good hotpot lunch!

induction heater was strong & fast!

CJ’s hotpot lunch

12pax gathered at the table.

CJ had good chicken stock. he used 2 whole chicken, i used chicken bones & feet, different class la! lol! :-p

CJ’s hotpot lunch

CJ’s hotpot lunch

some people knew to pick corner seats – got served the whole lunch & quietly finishing the bak kwa! lol!


pork collar

red garoupa fillet

CJ had red garoupa fillet, pork belly & beef all nice;

small abalones, quite big, & enuf for 2 each 🙂

& also quite big baby abalones enuf for 2 each!..

shimeji mushrooms

golden mushrooms enoki

tofu & ngoh hiang


& lots of nice vegetables…KH still talking about it the next day👍


& huge, sweet cherries.

CJ’s shih tzu doggy

CJ’s shih tzu doggy

CJ’s shih tzu doggy got special affinity to KH…TC eluded to some part of anatomy 😜

CL took all the beautiful camera shots! 🙂

brotherhood makan & chill are especially fun! i enjoyed every one of them thoroughly la!

c.h.e.f andy

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