Good 4pax Lunch @ Paradise Dynasty on 31Oct2017

our lunch at paradise dynasty

my OPS bro HC organised 4pax lunch at paradise dynasty on 31.10.2017. ^^

his S$50 voucher expires on 31.102017 so today is the last day.

i just returned on a red eye flight this morning from shanghai arriving at 6am. & WM still not back from KL. PK joined us today so made up 4pax. 🙂

xiaolongbao 小笼包

xiaolongbao 小笼包 was competent, skin, soup all ok.

radish pastry

radish pastry ok, not the most crispy or sweet radish i had.

spicy dumplings 红油抄手

spicy dumplings 红油抄手 was the usual good standard.


水煮鱼 is my favourite dish. i don’t get to eat it much as not many like the dish.

the fish was i think the snakehead – loy her…like what they use for sliced fish beehoon or san lou horfun 三捞河粉.

some use pangasius which is the cheap vietnamese catfish (like the very cheap stall at foodgle hub NUS which also nice),

and some use 鲶鱼, also catfish. i don’t really know what is best.


this one not bad. but kind of not much fish for 4pax. i ate maybe like 3 big slices.


it was pretty good la…


夫妻肺片i don’t eat often either.

anyhow it was nothing special, ok competent…


WT ordered the 赛螃蟹.

it’s quite an expensive dish at S$12 or thereabout for just egg.

but it was pretty tasty, very smooth & especially with the vinegar maybe ok worth it…

土豆丝 potato strips

HC ordered the 土豆丝 potato strips. this one not as good as 东北胖妈 at smith street…no comparison actually..

string beans 四季豆

string beans 四季豆 was nice, also another expensive dish for simple vegetables.

wine dumplings 酒酿汤圆

we also had wine dumplings 酒酿汤圆. this a far cry from the really nice one we had at shenzhen subway station lunch place.

pumpkin cakes

pumpkin cakes were good.

red bean pancakes

red bean pancakes good too but this not my favourite dessert. it was crispy & the red bean paste good.

lunch was S$67 after S$50 voucher, so would have been S$127 for 4pax. needless to say with the $50 discount, S$67 for 4pax pretty good, not quite otherwise la..

c.h.e.f andy


Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard level 4

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