Excellent 5pax Family Outing & Tapas Dinner @ Sabio Duxton Hill on 5Nov2017

chorizho tortilla – spanish omelette

several family birthdays coming up this period…we got a day when everyone is around & went out for a 5pax family dinner at sabio @ duxton hill on 5.11.2017. ^^

open air parking outside the restaurant was easy on a sunday at 7pm.

sabio has a group menu. we ordered 12 tapas for S$128 to share among 5pax.

first tapas on the table was a chorizho tortilla – spanish omelette. pretty tasty especially with the chorizo, very nicely done, good presentation. 🙂

they allowed repeat orders (more than 1 order per tapas), so we ordered 8 tapas first, and decide on the remaining 4 after we have tasted the tapas we ordered.

tomato gazpacho S$8

daughter wanted a gazpacho. it was S$8 on the menu so we ordered the gazpacho ala carte.

it was ordinary.

i think my own tomato & cucumber gazpacho a lot tastier. 🙂

chorizo ham croquette 

the chorizo ham croquette good too, very tasty & crisp outside. 🙂

ceviche gambas with tacos chip 

the ceviche gambas with tacos chip very good.

ceviche gambas with tacos chip 

we ordered this a second time.

ceviche gambas with tacos chip 

it has sweet raw prawns, good salsa & crisp tacos chip, great texture combination & excellent dining experience!

ceviche gambas with tacos chip 

this a must order if i come again. 🙂

pan fry prawns

& the panfried gambas was just as good. son like this even better.

prawns were bouncy. sauce was the best! very tasty indeed.

pan fry prawns 

wife thought it’s like frozen prawns. in any case this prawn texture is easy to do, the sauce though is more of a challenge. i think it is a lobster or shellfish bisque, so maybe i will try a bisque & do this prawn tapas dish.

sliced octopus

we ordered the octopus. it was nice texture, a bit bland in taste, a bit better with the sea salt.

anyway, gave me some ideas….maybe i will experiment a squid dish..don’t have octopus don’t so easy to get it seems…


a tasty if salty chorizo dish…son, youngest daughter & i quite like the dish..this easy to do…again got to think a bit about the sauce..

mussels in white wine sauce 

mussels in white wine sauce, oddly, was the below par dish among the excellent tapas dishes.

really odd. i really the creamy white wine sauce not tasty. mussels was ok actually but overall much underwhelming.

squid ala plancha 

the squid ala plancha a little overcooked. i can do better than that.

the sauce though was tasty. that one i got to think about what to do how to do…

caviar eggplant with toast 

the caviar eggplant on toast was nice. couldn’t taste any cavar though, didn’t seem to matter much.

this a dish i can do easily.

squid ink seafood fiduea 

the squid ink seafood fiduea was good, flavourful. son & i thought the seafood fiduea at foc was much superior, a lot tastier stock.

i didn’t find any fiduea in the supermarts. i tried with beehoon before, cutting it small after baking. maybe angelhair texture would be better, more al dente. i can cut it small, then bake it or reduce the stock & cook. it would fun experimenting.

squid ink seafood fiduea S$26

still, this squid ink seafood fiduea was quite excellent. i will certainly order this again if i come.

we ordered a jug of sanglia, and son ordered a churos to take away.

5pax tapas dinner came to S$261nett. we were happy with the service which was very good & efficient & also my daughter broke a wine glass, so i gave a big tip.

we enjoyed very much this family outing & joint birthdays dinner. ^^

c.h.e.f andy