Fairly Good Nonya Dishes @ Chilli Padi on 1Nov2017

nonya food @ chilli padi

wife arranged 3pax dinner at chilli padi a 11t joo chiat place on 1.11.2017. ^^

we are doing a lunch catering for family & bridesmaid etc for my daughter’s wedding.

restaurant told us though that catering is by a different halal kitchen at bedok.

anyhow we just tried the food since we were already there. 🙂

chilli padi

we were early at 6pm on a wednesday, so we were the first customers.

ayam bua keluak

the ayam bua keluak was good.

the chicken ordinary & not great (like i said about chicken dishes outside, they are invariably overcooked). the sauce was very good. 🙂

ngoh hiang

ngoh hiang was quite good.  though not my favourite. i can do without.

ikan selar bakar

ikan selar bakar was competent. nice chilli inside. nothing special.

sayur nangka – jackfruit dish

the sayur nangka – jackfruit dish quite interesting.

the prawns were mediocre, a waste of time.

the gravy though was very tasty. 🙂

mee siam

mee siam was below our expectation.

it is like a signature dish here, and we expected dry, very flavourful mee siam. but it was wet with gravy piled on it. still tasty ok, but not quite meeting our expectations.


the chendol looked great. the gula melaka was good, the coconut milk less so,

so NOT as flavourful as four seasons at lor 8 toa payoh. 🙂

S$59 for 3pax

3pax dinner include 3 chendols were $59, quite ok. of course we ordered not many dishes & mostly cheap ones.

durian chendol

the durian chendol looked especially alluring.

the durian paste was good, not like super, but anyway quite nice…only slight miss was the coconut milk, not so fragrant as four seasons chendol at lor 8 TPY.

c.h.e.f andy


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