The Best 龙骨 Prime Ribs Bakuteh on 23Oct2017

龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh

sis & bil came for lunch. i made 龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh for 3pax today on 23.10.2017. ^^

bought the ribs from sheng shion, i thnk about S$22/kg.

massive ribs, its like 8 pieces about S$28.

i used 5 larger ribs today from the rack, i am thinking about 800g, more than enough for 3pax. in fact i took 1 rib & no rice, and that was enough. 🙂

龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh

the fresh ribs from indonesia. they actually even larger than the ones i took at rong cheng (now sin min road) bkt & lao ah tee etc.

龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh

really massive with huge piece of loin meat as well.

i think prime ribs really nice & tasty because it has bone and some lining/layering of fat, and not just lean meat.

龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh

sis & bil cooked the 2 vegetables themselves.

龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh

the 龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh was excellent.

i think it was much better than most bkt outside, even if i am to compare with the recent bkt at rong cheng!

龙骨 prime ribs bakuteh

the soup is so savoury & sweet with the meat sweetness.

& the meat was truly the best with top quality dark sauce…

ilc bkt spices 30g

& so easy to make – just scald prime ribs to remove scum & boil together with 1 bulb of garlic cloves & 1 ilc bkt sachet for about 1hr.

i like pork ribs to have some bite, so i do not overcook the ribs. 🙂

kang kong with mustard veg


sis & bil also cooked 2 veg – kang kong with bit of mustard vegetables.

very nice complements to the homecooked bkt lunch with family.

c.h.e.f andy


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