Fabulous Bacon-wrapped Pork Chop @ Dempsey Cook House on 22Oct2017

the best! pork chop wrapped with bacon = S$38

sunday evening. wife wanted to bring to dempsey cookhouse where she & the children enjoyed great meals recently.

she booked 2pax at 6pm on 22.10.2017. ^^

dempsey cookhouse

dempsey cookhouse

dempsey cookhouse, located within dempsey como which houses other restaurants in the group, has beautiful ambience. high ceiling, very nice large lanterns, very pleasant seating & tables.

& service by all the staff, many filipinos, were good. 🙂

yellow tuna tartare – S$29

wife ordered the tuna tartare.

pricing much on the high side for this serving (other restaurants you probably get a main course serving for S$29).

yellow tuna tartare

dish was good though, that’s all that counted. 🙂

tuna was sweet, very fresh, the sauce (wasabi soy?) was nice too but too salty at the bottom when the server added all.

so this dish bet to add the sauce yourself as required. 🙂

but it’s good!

the best! pork chop wrapped with bacon = S$38

the pork chop wrapped with bacon = S$38 was the best…it was what the server recommended to wife & children the last time, and recommended likewise today.

the pork loin was incredibly tender..not sure how the chef did it, must be sous vide or some low temperature braising…very very tender, smooth, no strands, no residue, no fraying when cut.

& marinade was good, very tasty pork.

the mushroom sides were very good too, got a bit salty after taking much. the pork was so good it did not need the mushroom sauce, just ate it on its own…

truffle cheese pizza – S$34

the truffle cheese pizza – S$34, very steep price for a pizza.

i was considering the trout..later i asked wife she said children took it last time, just so so..

truffle cheese pizza – S$34

the truffle pizza is a signature dish, like must try here, so might as well pay more to try something different than something common…

truffle cheese pizza – S$34

and it was very flavourful, the truffle & cheese, a very nice pizza.

truffle cheese pizza – S$34

not sure it’s what i am willing to pay for pizza…like the pork chop at S$38 is relatively much more superior value…

but if there is no certainty of getting something good or better, might as well pay for something you know would be good.

c.h.e.f andy


The Dempsey Cookhouse & BarA

Opening Hours:

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