Delightful 8pax Homecooked Western Dinner with Good Friends on 21Oct2017

8pax dinner dishes

made a delightful 8pax dinner for wife’s good friends J & hubby, and another couple L & TH, on 21.10.2017. ^^

son joined dinner & later J’s son joined as well. 🙂

tortilla – spanish omelette

the tortilla – spanish omelette quite ok. wife thought i had done better ones…

red wine 5hr slow braised pork collar

quite happy with the result of the red wine 5hr slow braised pork collar.

red wine 5hr slow braised pork collar & tortilla

i used 300g frozen pork collar from sheng shiong.

marinated in red wine (50ml) & 1tbsp mustard, 3 shallots in the fridge for 1 hr.

added water to cover pork in small oven dish & braised in 90degC oven for 5hrs.

then i pan-charred the pork, adding some seasalt & coarse black pepper to the pan.

result was a tender, tasty pork steak (as seen above 2 photos).

i did a pan roasted brined chicken breast & thigh. was good tasting, but the skin wasn’t done well.

overall, wasn’t the standard of what i made for wife’s office salad lunch!

miso & korean citrus tea marinated slow braised pork belly

the miso & korean citrus tea marinated slow braised pork belly was pretty good too, but not as tender as the pork collar, maybe needed a little longer time than 5hrs in 90degC oven i used for the pork collar!

same thing, i pan-charred the belly pork like the pork collar.

nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly

my Nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly have been consistently good, and invariably a crowd favourite.

nobu miso cod was very tasty today, no fishy taste. i got a very good cut of cod too from NTUC.

likewise the teriyaki salmon belly.

J said she like salmon belly best. her son M said he liked the cod best…

grilled vegetables

i did some grilled vegetables too.

today i had dutch eggplant, zucchini & baby carrots. & the cherry grape tomatoes with sea salt, olive oil & balsamic vinegar also good with the rocket salad with pomegranate.

seafood risotto

for the carbs, i made seafood risotto. i used the leftover arborio rice i had. maybe carnaroli rice would be better.

the usual preparation – fry & soften vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, green pepper) with few slices of chorizo & butter, add 1.5cups arborio rice, add 1/2tsp tumeric, fry & coat. add 1 cup intense chicken & prawn stock, boil, add large de-veined prawns with shell on(marinated with fish sauce & white pepper), & place in 210degC oven for 6mins.

that is like 90% done, when serving, boil stock, add squid cook 1minute then add to risotto, boil to cook risotto & reduce liquids. and voila! serve.

creamy white wine sauce prawn fettuccine

for fettuccine, i browned garlic in olive, added cut chilli padi & basil & fried. off fire & added 1 cup white wine & 1 cup intense chicken stock, then reduced.

when serving i heated up the sauce, added 3tbsp thickened cream, tasted the sauce, then off fire & added fettuccine & tossed. then added some dried parsley. i forgot to get my fresh basil..

red velvet cake

red velvet cake

wife’s friends L brought red velvet cake for deesert. very nice!

j’s fruit platter

j’s fruit platter

but stealing the show was the fruit platter.

i messaged wife’s friend J & said i wanted to order her fruit platter. you can see why, that’s the best dish all night i guess. all my friends were impressed just looking at the photos.

fruit platter looked alluring, and the fruits were nice & sweet too – fresh fig, gold kiwi, melon, honey jackfruit, dragonfruit, grapes & blueberries.

had a wonderful dinner & great evening. wife was very happy & bought me dinner the next day. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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