Very Tasty Chicken Congee on 20Oct2017

chicken congee

R, the director of teban gardens made really good congee…well among many other dishes she does so well for such large groups…

she made the congee for 130 teban residents on 12.10.2017.

when i delivered my 回锅肉double cooked pork belly breakfast dish on 13.10.2017, i took back some to eat & really enjoyed it. 🙂

chicken congee

so i decided to try also..

i checked & confirmed that the ingredients she used were shredded chicken breast, minced pork & fish cake strips.

chicken congee

chicken congee

boiled 1 skinless chicken breast for 2hrs to make tasty stock.

then added 1/2 cup rice. 100g minced pork & 1 fish cake cut to strips to give texture to congee…

boiled or another 2hrs, anyhow until congee was smooth.

chicken congee

congee was very sweet & tasty, quite similar to what R did.

added pepper & enjoyed the congee. can also add fish sauce to taste if need.

c.h.e.f andy


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