RI Bro 10pax Sutera Mall Trip 24-25Jul2017

my seafood house 珍阁 at blk 130 next to JCube 

my RI bros organised a 2day 1night trip to JB sutera mall near bukit indah for overnight makan, massage, karaoke trip 👍

there were 10 of us… 🙂

we met for breakfast at the coffeeshop at  blk 130 next to J cube. this where my seafood house zi char, the one we bought food for our recent birthday bash on 11.7.2017.

the guys took the fishball noodles. i did not take any as i am expecting a whole day eating in JB. haha!

from jurong east bus interchange, we took the causeway link bus CW3/4 to second link & CIQ singapore & johore side then CW4s to sutera mall. it was a breeze at the CIQ, and only a 10mins short wait for CW4s.

one friend ouldn’t join us but he came to blk 130 just to join us for breakfast..

2 other friends were traveling, one at siantan, pontianac on a mission, and another with his son in sydney.

another friend could not join the trip but since he was letting us use his condo parking, he came down to meet us to pass us the key card access & also to join the breakfast/coffee.

we arrived at sutera, just 45mins drive from malaysian side CIQ second link. we walked over to J Hotel where our organisers booked 5 rooms for 10pax..then we went for lunch..

c.h.e.f andy



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