Disappointed = So-So 2pax Dinner @ Patara Fine Cuisine on 17Feb2017

tom yam talay (seafood) S$23

tom yam talay (seafood) S$23 

patara used to be one of our favourite restaurants.

my family used to go there often.  if w/o amex discounts, price is high though, so that explains why we have not been there for a very long time.

from my blog post records, the last time i was there was on 19,7,2014.

tom yam talay (seafood) S$23

tom yam talay (seafood) S$23 

today wife called said there is amex 50% discounts for 2pax again.

alas, we forgot to check, brain doesn’t work so fast nowadays, and only when we sat down & asked then we realized that the promotion is for monday to thursday. so no discount on friday today & have to pay full price.

i guess we should have walked out politely, courteously, which is what i would do when younger & will still do today if my mind had been more active.

we could easily have walked over to labrezza, such great food & greater value.

tom yam talay (seafood) S$23

tom yam talay (seafood) S$23 

anyhow we ordered our usual favourites, key among them tom yam talay (seafood).

this was quite poor really!

the soup had no intensity, aroma. like i told the server “it’s like tom yam soup from some cheap restaurant”. also the prawns & squid were totally overdone(old)…. (we thought the chef has changed but server said no change). to her credit & good service she offered to replace the soup. we had already finished the soup & didn’t really make sense to ask the restaurant to replace it, so we told her it was ok, just a feedback. i said to her surely other diners would have given this feedback too?

roast duck in red curry S$26

roast duck in red curry S$26 

fortunately the roast duck curry was superb, very lemak, fragrant, yummy.

the duck was average, quite tender breast slices. it has always been this way in patara. i think some other restaurants actually give nice roast duck, here it is a bit if western duck preparation.

olive rice S$21

olive rice S$21 

& luckily the olive rice was still very nice.

thai olive rice

thai olive rice @ patara on 19.7.2014

looking at the photo of olive rice @ patara on 19.4.2014, that looke dmore impressive & with more ingredients.

but the one we had today was still pretty good la.

olive rice S$21

olive rice S$21

so dinner, 3 dishes for 2pax came to S$70++=S$82…

if we came on mon-thurs, with 50% discount for 2pax it would be S$41 (we would have to order 2 main course but since tomyam talay was poor we could order some other main dishes).

i still enjoyed the roast duck curry & olive rice, the tom yam talay, totally not!

maybe i will still come back here when 50% discounts is valid…quite sad really, coming here & not taking tom yam talay.

c.h.e.f andy


Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall

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