Good Friend dropped by for Last Minute Lunch on 22Dec2016

a good friend came for lunch today on 22.12.2016. ^^

everything was quite ad hoc.

he whatsapped at 10am whether he can join any lunch appointment today, so i said – just drop by, do you want fish, chicken or bkt?

i was doing a 6pax dinner this evening for wife’s friends. this friend quite busy, many a times we had RI friends lunches he couldn’t make it so since he could today, just do lor…

i took out 1/2 chicken from freezer at 10.10am. not enuf time to defrost fully then debone plus marinade & set aside, so i debone the partially defrosted 1/2 chicken & left the drumstick & wingstick not deboned.

costa rican coffee

costa rican coffee

friend brought me packet of costa rican coffee. this living with a suitcase guy just came back from there.

i did thechinese wine braised chicken 黄焖鸡  same way as i did for teban gardens on 9.12.2016.

that was 2 chicken. this was 1/2. same principles apply-

  • corn flour to make it smooth
  • not overcooked to make chicken tender, &
  • very tasty marinade to make chicken tasty.

result = very tasty chicken & great wine flavours

celery withe salted fish

celery with salted fish

the celery with salted fish was pretty good, though not as good as what my sis made & what i made other times. still great!

2pax lunch was simple not much effort.

we had a great chat afterwards, sharing about parents, family & friends. should do more of this.

c.h.e.f andy


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