Good Lunch @ Nabe Seizan Japanfoodtown @ Wisma on 14Dec2016

ohmi wagyu mabushi set

ohmi wagyu mabushi set

went with wife to taka to polish my car today on 14.12.2016.

we decided to walk over to japan food town at wisma to have lunch while waiting for the car to be ready.

last time we had lunch at hokkaido izakaya on 27.7.2016.

it was ok, pretty good..

nabe seizan 2 michelin star lunch menu

nabe seizan 2 michelin star lunch menu

this time wife wanted me to try nabe seizan. she had nice wagyu don here last time with daughter.

seizan is 2 michelin stars in tokyo, listed at 22 in japan top 50 restaurants.

ohmi wagyu don

ohmi mabushi set – S$38

server told us beef is ohmi, one of the 3 top japanese wagyus after matsuzaka & kobe.

mabushi is basically wagyu don, plus there is a dashi you can add to the rice & eat like a chazuke (tea poured onto rice), so described as dashichazuke.

prawn & spinach aapetizer + garnish

prawn & spinach aapetizer + garnish

there were garnishes of chopped scallions & seaweed, & freshly grated wasabi to add to the don.

prawn & spinach aapetizer

prawn & spinach aapetizer

& the set also included a prawn & spinach appetizer, which was ok, good not overly.


dashichazuke – wagyu mabushi set S$38

i must say we were slightly disappointed with the wagyu don.

we knew from the photos it was not steak quality, more like the gyudon kind of cut.

the beef i guess was pretty ok being ohmi, but it really has no “wow”.

just compare this with the S$88 omakase lunch at hachi i had recently on 3.11.2016, which is a 8-course lunch including 4 ohmi wagyu dishes, & each/every ohmi wagyu dish was just stunning!

here the overall taste of the wagyu don was mediocre, and overall experience/enjoyment actually poorer than the okinawa agu buta don.

it was better when i added the dashi. at least that made it a more tasty, delicious dish where before it was quite bland…

creme with pear & jelly

creme with pear & jelly

wagyu mabushi set came with pear & jelly on custard dessert. it was pretty ok dessert.

very good okinawa agu buta don

very good okinawa agu buta don – S$25

the okinawa agu buta don was very good!

very good okinawa agu buta don

very good okinawa agu buta don – S$25

the lady server replied that it was not kurobuta.

still the taste was excellent. great texture for the belly pork & overall very nice taste experience.

the buta don did not come with appetizer or dessert which were S$3 & S$5 respectively, which would add up to S$33. we ordered the $3 appetizer.

overall, this place was pretty good but would not be my preferred lunch choice.

& while i am generally very much partial towards ohmi wagyu, if i lunch here again, i would pick the S$25 buta don w/o appetizer & dessert over the S$38 wagyu don set because overall the taste experience enjoyment was better.

c.h.e.f andy


Nabe Seizan @ Japanfoodtown, Wisma


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