Great RI Friends Homecooked Housewarming Lunch on 23Nov2016


homecooked lunch 

my old RI friend moved into a new 3-storey 4500sq ft freehold strata house recently, and he invited us over for lunch & housewarming on 23.11.2016. ^^

good location & nice environment, very high ceiling like 4.5m in the hall, very good folding sliding doors, & ducted aircon in hall plus cassette in nice & bright basement etc.

his helper cooked lunch for 10 of us – 6 dishes, very competent dishes indeed.


ngoh hiang 

ngoh hiang quite impressive, like market or zi char/restaurant standard.


sweet sour garoupa 

sweet & sour garoupa well done too.

not a favourite preparation for me, but fish was fried well, fresh & crispy, meat was firm, sauce was also competent.


steamed prawns with mayo 

steamed prawns well done too.


steamed prawns with mayo 

prawns fresh. i could also do w/o the mayo but light dash of mayo was ok for me too.


pork trotters with bamboo shoots & taukua 

the pork trotters was good!

great texture, good “lor” braise sauce flavours, very tasty bamboo shoots & if my memory served me right the harder type of taukua, seldom used but i like them too.

i mentioned to another friend this ter kar better than the famous one han jia at east coast lagoon food village!

certainly for me, it was…


chap chai 

chap chai was ok. basically all the dishes were competent. look like competent, taste like competent, so must be competent! lol! ^^


sauteed mushrooms 

so was the sauteed mushrooms.

the guys walloped everything. no residue…

madeleine like cake

madeleine like cake 

one friend brought these french (he said) madeleine like cake. pretty good.

we had a great time together…nice food, great company…

after lunch we had a briefing by another friend about a trip to miri, sarawak, and also to malacca & JB.

c.h.e.f andy


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