OPS Primary School Classmate 13pax Homecooked Dinner on 9Dec2016

our 8 dinner dishes

our 8 dinner dishes

OPS primary school friends/buddies came over for a 13pax dinner this evening on 9dec2016. ^^

i did basically same dishes as i did for my RI VSOP (very special old pals) malan besar on 29.11.2016. 🙂

a friend brought a christmas toy gift - so nice!

a friend brought a christmas toy gift – so nice!

a friend brought a christmas toy gift – so nice! daughters will love it. 🙂

first was the usual pumpkin tofu dish prepared by my helper. she fried the cut tofu & roasted the pumpkin the evening before & cut the yellow onions for me.

i dressed the salad with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & honey 2 hrs before.

for the rockets, i dressed it just before serving to keep fresh. otherwise will be soggy.

this a dish all my friends like always.

today’s miso cod was the usual good standard, quite consistent. 3 days miso marinade 13mins in 250degC oven. quite straight forward.

i like this dish. the marinade made the cod a bit firmer, still the oily, flaky texture.

taste was wonderful, and the parts near the bones especially nice. i think all my friends liked it.

the teriyaki salmon was very good too.

these were classified as salmon trimmings but these lot was better w/o bones.

it’s a bit potluck.

i had better ones, which had quite a bit of belly, last time on 16.11.2016.

anyway it was a wonderful dish.

nicely grilled (15mins at 250degC), very tasty, & flavourful oily fish belly/trimming.

one friend though doesn’t like salmon – make a note for next time.

this was a large serving, about 800g, all finished. ^^

slow roasted belly pork

#4 slow roasted belly pork (photo borrowed from 29.11.2016)

i made the slow roasted belly pork again.

slow braised belly pork

#4 slow roasted belly pork (photo borrowed from 29.11.2016)

dish done & served a bit late. didn’t have time to take photo, so used an old photo.

#4 slow roasted belly pork

#4 slow roasted belly pork

pork about same standard as my VSOP dinner on 29.11.2016.

quite tasty pork with sauce, but crispy skin was a failure, so had to cut it off. anyhow pork all finished.

just could not reproduce the excellent crispy skin which i did for the FGS (Fof Goodness Sake) Charity Dinner on 21.10.2016.

a friend doesn’t take beef & doesn’t like chicken thigh.

so i added a dish for her – pan roasted skin on brined chicken breast.

it was ok but i couldn’t grill/brown the skin well. first my ceramic coated non-stick pan was holding the pink sauce for seafood pasta & i was lazy to transfer & wash the pan. but also the breast skin tends to shrink a bit unlike the thigh which is quite taut.

as seen from the photo before the above photo, the chicken was tender & moist, and juicy & quite tasty from the brining, sans the crispy skin. sigh!

& after i did the “sous vide” method for a chicken thigh the next day, that produces an even more tender chicken. 🙂

i did a seafood (prawn & squid) pasta in pink sauce.

pasta was al dente & sauce had excellent tomato flavour, very tasty with stock from prawn heads & shell.

a nice, delicious pasta everyone liked.

my helper made the prawn & chicken alio olio this evening.

her alio olio usually better than me. this evening it was quite ok, not here best but still delicious.

#8 150day grain fed black angus ribeye

#8 150day grain fed black angus ribeye

i had 2 pieces of 150day grain fed black angus ribeye, about 300g each.

i made the tagliata di manzo 2 times.

this the favoruite for everyone. very tender, sweet, excellent steak.

for the second steak, a friend helped me arranged the cherry tomatoes & rockets after i rested the steak & sliced it, and dressed the salad for him to arrange.

macadamia cake from amara hotel

macadamia cake from amara hotel

a friend brought a very nice macadamia cake🍰🎂from amara hotel.


friends brought fruits, durian nonya cake

a friend brought fruits 🍎🍐.

another lapis sagu+ durian kuehs 🍱,

another potty red wine🍷,  & one Christmas toy+present for everyone 🎄🎁

another brought bak kua.

everyone had great fun and laughter.

one friend entertain us with his usual standup comedy – chiao ka peng .. ^^

& he even discover a disciple this evening…

all in all very enjoyable evening with good friends for 51years.

c.h.e.f andy

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