Poor Flat White @ Baker & Cook Jln Merah Saga on 19Aug2016

flat white sucks!

flat white sucks!

busy day yesterday.

still, steal 1hr to have coffee with son & baker & cook @ jln merah saga on 19.8.2016! ^^

parked quite far at jln kelabu asap – walking exercise…

i came here twice before with my 2 daughters. thought coffee here was ok..but that was quite a while ago, like a few years la…

but for today, the flat white sucks. same for my son.

coffee was so diluted, no silky integration of microfoam with aromatic coffee. it’s just drinking hot milk.

this was really a very bad flat white!

it’s worse than my own coffee at home, worse than nespresso, worse than coffee at my condo clubhouse!

baker & cook

baker & cook

nice place & ambience.

service by the counter girl serving coffee was unhelpful.

not the silky full of aroma coffee like at dutch colony or CSH or wheelers yard etc we were looking for…won’t be back la…

c.h.e.f andy


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