18Chefs at Star Vista + Ah Seng Durians on 10Aug2016

seafood pasta

seafood pasta – S$13.80

my OPS friend came by. he was doing some errands & going for a late lunch.

i already had lunch earlier with wife at mei ling food centre.

my friend decided to go to 18chefs at level 3 star vista. 🙂

18chefs @ star vista

18chefs @ star vista 

nice airy place, still empty at this mid afternoon hour.

my friend ordered the $13.80 seafood pasta, and added a soup & drink combo for another S$3.80. i took a tea. friend has 15% discounts, so price pretty ok.

for me though i think both he & i can cook a much better pasta ourselves.

18chefs is a F&B chain by se teo, a facebook friend, with a great social mission, providing gainful & productive alternative pathways & re-integration.  an endeavour deserving of support. 🙂

MSW + XO durians

MSW + XO durians 

after lunch, my friend decided to go try ah seng durians.

today no much queue, just 3 before us. MSW was at S$14/kg but no golden phoenix.

XO durians

XO durians 

we decided on 1 MSW + 1 XO durian.

XO was creamy, had bittersweet taste. maybe golden phoenix still better but this was very good also.

it was a tiny durian maybe just 1 kg or less, but yielded like 14 or 15 seeds & very thin husk so very worthwhile.



MSW was good as always, creamy & very flavourful, though not the best i had from ah seng. MSW is heavy & thick husk, so make sure we get round ones with lots of seeds to be worthwhile. today my friend paid S$34 for 2, quite ok for what we had.

c.h.e.f andy


Eighteen Chefs @ Star Vista


1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-22 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617


Daily: 11:00am – 10:30pm


+65 66945975

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